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Fic: Halflight

Halflight | A Moonlight fic

Title: Halflight
Author: warrior_gypsy 
Characters/Pairings: Mick, Josef, Beth, OC's.
Fic Rating: R (for violence, language & explicit/mature content.) Chapters are rated individually.
Spoilers: Set just after ep 8: "12:04"
Summary: Mick St. John is tasked to retrieve a mysterious weapon, one capable of destroying any vampire. But he faces serious opposition, both from a cursed Vampire Prince and a vengeful Vampire Hunter, who blames St. John for a murder taken place over 15 years ago.
Notes: for full disclaimer, chapters & important story notes, please see the master post first here @ faraway_worlds.

Mama was trembling now and the little girl wanted to ask what was wrong, but Mama kissed her again and pushed her in the direction of the kitchen. “Be strong my love. Be safe.” Those were the last words the little girl would ever hear her mother say to her.
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